October 15, 2006 - Carnegie Hall, NYC


Organized by the New York Area Coordinating Committee for the Commemoration of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution

Photos: Gabriella Gyorffy and Akos Rozsa

Welcome by Gábor Földvári, deputy consul general

Greetings by representatives of Hungary:

Zsolt Németh, member of the Hungarian Parliament,
representative of FIDESZ Hungarian Civic Union

Ambassador András Simonyi

...and performers of the Carnegie Hall Gala Memorial Concert:

János Berkes, tenor

Maestro Shinik Hahm, Yale Philharmonia Orchestra, conductor
and musical advisor of the Gala Memorial Concert

Ádám Balázs, composer of "Path of the Extraordinary,"
a symphonic poem commissioned for the Gala Memorial Concert

Viktória Vizin, mezzo-soprano

Péter Frankl, pianist

Michael Szarvasy, Vice President, Edit Bényi, Secretary,
George L. Lovas, President, and Dr. Istvan Lakatos, Co-President,
Coordinating Committee for the Commemoration of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution

John Lauer, Adrianne Vittadini designer, Edith Lauer,
Chairwoman Emerita of the Hungarian American Coalition

Balázs Csuday, --, Gábor Bródi, Ambassador of Hungary to the UN,
Vilmos Szabó, Member of the Hungarian Parliament, --

Maria Varga, Zsuzsa and Zoltan Nagy, Karl Bardosh, and Edit Bényi

Peter Tufo, US Ambassador to Hungary (1997-2001) and Zsolt Németh

Krisztian Takacs, Barbara Bollok, and János Berkes

Mrs. and Mr. Ádám Balázs and Péter Frankl

László Gere, Viktória Vizin, and Marian Olah

Midori Yoshida and Elizabeth Molnar Rajec

János Berkes, --, and Ádám Balázs

William Jakab, Viktória Vizin, and János Berkes

Barry Farber

George Lang, Restaurateur, Café des Artistes

Christopher A. Gruits, Production Manager at Carnegie Hall,
Michael Szarvasy, and Mrs. Gruits

Members of the Coordinating Committee, with their spouses:
László and Maria Bihary, Dr. Istvan and Magdi Lakatos,
Judit and Viktor Fischer and László and Erika Bodak

Ambassador Gábor Bródi, Zsolt Németh, Christopher A. Gruits,
Ambassador András Simonyi, George L. Lovas, Péter Frankl, Michaeal Szarvasy,
Viktória Vizin, János Berkes, Gábor földvári, Károly Schranz, András Fejér

Ádám Balázs, Viktória Vizin, and Gábor Földvári