February 11, 2005 - Plaza Hotel, NYC


Music by:
Zoltan Zorandy Orchestra and Laszlo Fornwald

Photos: Gabriella Gyorffy

Dinner in the Terrace Room

Posting of the colors by:
US Naval Academy Members, Annapolis, MA

Asking for permission to open the Fifty-Third Piarist Ball
Morovan Zsolt, Consul of Hungary and Colin MacVeagh

Mrs. Paul A. Mackey, Mr. Adam de Nagy (Chairman HPAA),
Baroness Maya de Haynau, Rev. David Powers and Lt. Col. Gregory Cotton

Traditional Hungarian Opening Csárdás
Mrs. Gladys de Nagy (Executive Director HPAA) and Dr. Pompayo Raulo
and Members of the Piarist Ball Committee:

Presenting the Fifty-Third Piarist Ball Debutantes

After the opening waltz guests joined the debutantes
and the dance continued until down


Drawing for valuables prizes...

...and the happy winners

In the other room Laszlo Fornwald was playing Hungarian favorites

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