December 5, 2003. - Hungarian Consulate, NYC


Hosted by the Consul General of the Republic of Hungary
Ambassador Dr. Gábor Horváth, Mrs. Gabriella Lonkai Horváth,
Mr. & Mrs. Adam de Nagy and the Piarist Ball Committee

Photos: Gabriella Gyorffy

Greetings by Gladys de Nagy, Executive Director of the Piarist Ball Committe and
Ambassador Dr. Gábor Horváth, Consul General of the Republic of Hungary

Gabriella Lonkai Horváth, Dr. Gábor Horváth, Anikó Pásztory,
Attila Csengery, Gábor Görgey, Ildikó Iván and Tibor Nemes

Future debutantes and escorts of the 52nd Piarist Ball, February 2004

Agnes Miszlay with daughter Maria Miszlay and Nóra Sárközy,
both debutantes of the 52nd Piarist Ball

Kathleen Mathiesen, Gabriella Lonkai Horváth, Erzsebet Karkus,
Dr. Gábor Horváth, Elizabeth Vilmik,
Glady de Nagy, Vivian Soren,
, Ildikó Iván

, Dr. Lynn, Gladys de Nagy,
Sheila McIntosh, Agnes Konig and Janos Aranyi

Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Salgo, Dr. Lynn and Sheila McIntosh

Gábor Görgey, writer from Hungary
with Tibor Nemes

Maya Haynau, Ildikó Iván and Gabriella Lonkai Horváth

Elizabeth and Carl Risenfelder with Kathy Livingston

Joanne Hilberth, member of the Piarist Ball Executive Committe,
 with her daughter, Alexandra Hilberth Dvorovy,
Chairman of the Piarist Ball Junior Committee

Maria Bihary and Livia Sylva

Rosemarie Winkler, Linda Stillman,
Priscilla McOstrich and Mr. McNamara
with friends

Edmund Allen Voyer, his date and Alan J. Feuer

Drew Daily and Ray McNamara

Mr. & Mrs. András Bíró

Susan Nonn Sophie Stroll

Gusztáv Szabó and Lász Bihary

Thomas Hilberth, Piarist Ball Committee Vice Chairman and
Janos Aranyi

Rev. István Mustos, member of the Piarist Ball Committee
with Benedek and Angelika Neisz, guests from Hungary

László Bihary,Laura Felsobuki Nagy, Clara Felsobuki Nagy,
member of the Piarist Ball Executive Committee and Maria Bihary

Anikó Pásztory with son, Richard

Gladys de Nagy and Maureen Nagy

Agnes Konig, Dale Wilker, Susan Halbairdier, Jeff Freeman,
Debbie Wilker and Mrs. Vas

Ildikó Iván, Jozsef Szigetfu, Gabriella Lonkai Horváth and Susan Nonn

Thomas Hilberth
with daughter, Nicole
Maureen Nagy

Sophie Stroll singing László Fornwald pianist

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