March 27, 2011 - American Hungarian Museum, Passaic, NJ



Painter, Musician, Teacher
Photos: László_Kerkay, text: Emese Kerkay

Ms. Leberg-Shapiro was born in Ungvár (Uzhgorod), Transcarpathia, which is now part of the Ukraine, in an area which was populated by Hungarians. She was born into a Hungarian-Jewish family. Even-though she lived in a rural area, her talents were recognized early and at the age of ten she had participated in children's exhibitions in sixteen different countries and won many awards. She was also an accomplished musician, but she chose visual arts for her profession. She attained success in the Soviet Union, and eventually her works were shown in the USA. Judit was awarded scholarships to study at the prestigious Surikov Art School in Moscow. She was also a student at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.

Judit immigrated to the USA in 1974. Now she lives, works and teaches among us, in the Greater Passaic area.  The life of Judit, an exceptional talent and personality, reflects the life of many who lived in the "Kárpátalja" area of historic Hungary.


"The concept of one's affirmation of life through the continuous process of observation is essential for my work as an artist. Images of the individual and the world that surrounds him is my primary inspiration."

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Self-portrait at about age 15

Ms. Leberg-Shapiro was introduced by Kalman Magyar,
Director of the American Hungarian Museum in Passaic, NJ

Ms. Leberg-Shapiro with her husband...

...and one of her students

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