March 26, 2006.
Cardinal Mindszenthy Cultural Center at
St. Stephen Roman Catholic Hungarian Church

Passaic, NJ


American Hungarian Museum, Passaic presented:

English subtitles

A film by Márta Mészáros (2005)
about the interrogation, trial and execution of the leader of the
1956 Hungarian Revolution against Soviet Communist tyranny

Introductory remarks and discussion lead by:
Dr. Károly Nagy

Photo Report: László Kerkay

Imre Nagy, born June 7, 1896, — died June 16, 1958, Budapest, Hung. He fought in World War I, was captured by the Russians, and joined the Red Army. He lived in Moscow (1929–44), then returned to Hungary under the Soviet occupation and held several ministerial posts. An advocate for peasants' rights, he became premier (1953–55) but was ousted for his independent ideas. During the Hungarian Revolution (1956), he again served as premier and sought to establish Hungary's independence from Soviet domination. He made an unsuccessful appeal to the West for help against the invading Soviet troops, and he was arrested, tried, and executed.

Source: Invitation / Encyc. Britannica

The life of Imre Nagy is one of the definitive stories of 20th century history. He was the first communist leader to become the symbol of a national revolution, a prime minister, a denouncer of the Warsaw Pact, and an advocate of multiparty democracy. The film makes an attempt to throw light on the life of the martyr
prime minister from a different angle, and to present his story through a subjective point of view, starting from the events of 1956, going on to his execution and finally the events subsequent to his story until today.

Source: Invitation / Motion Picture Public Foundation, Hungary,

Márta Mészáros is one of Hungary’s most respected film directors. Her sensitive and artistic study of one of the main personages of the Hungarian Revolution is an intimate look and thoughtful character study, based on meticulous research and revelations from family members.

Greetings by Judit Magyar

Introductory remarks and discussion lead by:
Dr. Károly Nagy

Károly Nagy, a teacher in Hungary, was elected president of the Erdősmecske Revolutionary National Council in October 1956.

He is now professor of sociology at Middlesex County College, he also taught at Rutgers and Montclair Universities, and in Hungary at Janus Pannonius and at Debrecen Universities. He published six books and more than one hundred studies, essays and articles. He is a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In 1993 he was awarded the Imre Nagy Commemorative Plaque, in 1999 he received the Merit Order of the Republic of Hungary, and in 2004 the Gábor Bethlen Award.

Marianne Krencsey and Dr. Gyula Nemes (left)...

...and Dr. Tibor Glant and Dr. Peter Pastor professors of history
were among the guests

Events of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution were exhibited on
17 presentation boards

Parts of the Exhibition

The film showing and discussion are dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution and for the benefit of the New York Area Coordinating Committee for the Commemoration of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

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