November 5, 2006. - Hungarian House, NYC

Music Without Borders & Centrum Management presented


World Music - Village Music - Folk Music - Gypsy Music

at the Hungarian House "Café"

Photos: Gabriella Gyorffy

Kalman Magyar, Centrum Management, introduced Carpathian Folk Quartet
 and Steve Lurie spoke about Music Without Borders

Carpathian Folk Quartet

Some of the best musical virtuosi players from Central Europe joined forces to present the best in folk, village, world and "Gypsy" music. Sándor Kuti is a cimbalom player who was trained at the famous Rajkó Orchestra, he is a excellent and versatile musician. Attila Jakab is from Transylvania to Roma heritage, he learned and played with the famous informants of folk music in small villages and in 2004 he mesmerized American audiences with his superb violin playing in the Gypsy Spirit - Journey of the Roma show. This performance will be an unforgettable experience in music as interpreted by some of the world's most talented musicians. The other musicians in the band are also considered best in their field: László Mester, brácsa and Robert Doór, bass.

Sándor Kuti, cimbalom, is one of Hungary's outstanding cimbalom artists; he is from a famous dynasty of Gyspy musicians. He studied music from an early age and became a member of the world renowned RAJKÓ Orchestra at the age of 14. He played with many famous primás, including all members of the Lakatos dynasty, Sándor Jároka, Károly Puka, and Ernő Kállai Kiss. He was also attracted to the cimbalom music of the Balkans and other areas of Eastern Europe. He toured the USA several times as member of the Kálmán Balogh Gypsy Cimbalom Band and with the Gypsy Spirit Show. Kuti is a well-rounded "Gypsy" musician true to his generation; he played classical music with the Budapest Festival Orchestra and with other European classical orchestras. He played Klezmer music with the Budowitz Klezmer Band and popular music in several European bands. He also tours with his own band in Europe and in North America, the Gypsy Brothers, playing world music and Klezmer jazz. Sándor is a remarkable representative of the younger generation of Roma musicians from Budapest.

Attila Jakab, violin, is one of the most talented folk musicians from Transylvania who is just as much at home in Hungarian as in Romanian folk music. He grew up in Transylvania and learned from the last authentic folk musicians in small villages. He is the lead violinist of the Maros Ensemble, the professional Hungarian folk group from Marosvásárhely [Tirgu Mures], Transylvania. Attila has toured in many countries around the world, including Western Europe, Japan and in North America. In his youth he played at weddings and other community events serving the Hungarian, Romanian and Roma communities. His superb technique and warm personality mesmerized American audiences during the 2004 tour of the Gypsy Spirit, Journey of the Roma Show.


László Mester, folk-viola, is one of the most respected folk viola, "brácsa", players in the Hungarian folk music scene. He is a classical trained violinist, who was attracted to folk-music at an early age. He played with many important informants of traditional folk music. Subsequently he played with most of the well-known folk musicians and toured around the world with major Ensembles. He completed six North American tours with the Ökrös Ensemble with great success, including exciting projects with classical orchestras. His musicanship is exceptional.

Robert Doór, folk-bass, was initiated to music through jazz. However once he discovered folk music, it became his passion. He is considered one of the best bass players in Hungary folk music circles. He also toured North America on several occasion with the Ökrös Ensemble and participated in important concerts with classical orchestras. Robert has played with most important folk musician in Hungary and he is currently member of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble.