May 10, 2011 - American Hungarian Library, Hungarian House
215 East 82nd Street, NYC, btw 2nd & 3rd Aves.

American Hungarian Library and Historical Society presented:

From the Perspective of a Hungarian Member of the Generation of 1968

Lecture by Dr. Attila Pók

Photos: Gabriella Gyorffy

Dr. Attila Pók is an István Deák Visiting Professor of History at Columbia University, Deputy Director of the Institute of History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and General Secretary of the Hungarian Historical Association.

The American Hungarian Library was honored to again host Dr. Pók, distinguished historian, researcher and author. Along with his impeccable credentials, the professor always brings freshness, humor and new perspectives to relevant subjects and has boldly addressed the tough issues of our times in works such as Symbolic Geography, Hatred and Aggression in Modern Europe, Mitteleuropa (1915-2004): A Post communist Obituary, Towards a Multipole World System (1990-1997).

With the current retro fascination, Dr. Pók addressed a seemingly simple issue that mirrored the remapping of the minds of numerous intellectuals in Eastern and Central Europe during the last nearly four decades: the changing contents of the concepts of East and West in these minds.

American Hungarian Library and Historical Society

Prof. István Deák

Emese Latkóczy, László Hámos, Attila Pók,
Dr. Gyula Nemes, Marianne Krencsey, and
Enikő Szilágyi

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