October 21 - December 5, 2010
hpgrp Gallery, 529 West 20th St. 2W, New York NY 10011

hpgrp Gallery in Collaboration with LOVEED FINE ARTS



Included in this exhibition are works by Gordon Baldwin, Charles Birnbaum, Veronica Juyoun Byun, David Furman, Margie Hughto, Otto Natzler, Shin Sang Ho, Robert Sperry, Rouska Valkova, Peter Voulkos, Patti Warashina, Yiannes, SYLVIA NAGY and Zhu Legeng.

Photos: Francois Bonneau, www.bonneaufoto.com, Rodney Zagury, Adj. Prof. NYIT. edu.
Greg Neumaier, http://www.gregneumaier.com, John Muggenborg, www.muggphoto.com

and Gabriella Gyorffy,

Sylvia Nagy (D. Nagy Szilvia) is a Hungarian born and New York based multidisciplinary artist, had been participated on a successful exhibition at the hpgrp Gallery 529 West 20th St in the Chelsea, New York .

The exhibition titled TWO X TWO organized in collaboration with LOVEED FINE ARTS was open from October 21st to November 25th.

Clay as expression is what connects the diverse and bold selection of ceramic works in the exhibition. Works that are sculptural as well as vessel oriented and by international artists.

Sylvia exhibited two figurative sculpture, titled Sister 1-1 and Bust. Her narrative sculptures as visual diaries. Her surrealistic visual expression of the changing world and her personal life are always remain beyond the multiplicity of interpretations, something that is identifiable. Sylvia's visual senses are made of various symbols in colors, forms and fine drawings. She often uses a few of her favorite colors, blue as air or sky and green as earth or nature, red-orange as life, energy or power black as death or the opposite that of in Japan, where the black color symbolizes the life and the white stands for death. She developed her own universally communicable symbols based on the art history of meanings of symbols and felt connections to the greatest Spanish surreal artists as Miro, and Dali as well as Kandinsky, Calder and many other artist.

Sylvia is an Internationally recognized artist, Member of the IAC International Academy of Ceramics. She exhibited worldwide in Japan, France, Denmark, Spain, Korea, Germany, Italy, China, Czech Republic, Hungary, and the US. Her works are part of many museum collections, and are present in public places: a water fountain and several sculptures. She taught ceramic Design at the Parsons School of Design-New School University in New York. She has been awarded for International Artists in Resident in Japan, China, US, Hungary and the Czech Republic. As an International coordinator she co-curated the International Ceramic sculpture exhibition of the Wison Art Center Museum in Shanghai.

Recently she had participated in the IAC Members Exhibition in Paris at the Musee de Sevre, where her work became a permanent Museum Collection. She also exhibited at the International Biennial in Spain, in Italy, in Korea, as well as in the Master's of Ceramic Art in the National Museum in Jingdazhen, China, Women Power 2009 Evan University, Seoul, Korea, Ceramics from Five Continents Lerchenborg Castle, Kalunborg, Denmark and many more.

The next juried exhibition she will be participating will be held at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia starting in January 7th 2011.

Based on a discussion with the artist

Sister 1-1

The 'Sister1-1' is a black colored female figure with a red wire curving out on its head, it symbolizes the energy and the minimalist style and as an expression it connects to the Japanese culture what she experienced during her trip to Gifu, Japan as an Artist in resident for two months. The white drawings in fine lines are a collections of Japanese symbols like the Fuji Mountain, a tea pots for tea ceremony, a face of a Gesa from a memory of Utamaro's painting.

The cube and ring shapes at the back and the front are the two sides of things as we see them, the cube shape as a life shows some ages and the ring shape is like our inner space, and peace, where we need to go back time to time.


'Bust' is about an unsuccessful marriage, what have been left behind, as a backpack, a face in mask, like from Kabuki Theater and makes some shadow on selected parts on the front of the sculpture, but time is passing by and her creative hands have no time to delay and need to focus on her own expression. The colored wires act as sensors to absorb the outworld to transform into her unique ceramic sculptures.

Sylvia Nagy

...with Ken Wade artist

with Daniel Hamparsumyan director of Loveed Fine Arts, Nancy C.Roberts, director 

with  a visitor, back: Ronald A. Kuchta, director

with Rouska Valkova, Marsha Edelman, Ronald Kuchta

with Nancy C.Roberts, director of Loveed Fine Arts

with Yiannes, artist, Rouska Valkova, artist, Marsha Edelman, Ronald A. Kuchta

with Tristan Wolski,artist, Rodney Zagury artist

with Ronald A. Kuchta, director, Francois Bonneau, photographer

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