September 12 - October 21, 2006
FOTOSPHERE Gallery, 511 W. 25th Street #505, NYC




Photographer from Budapest

Photos: Gabriella Gyorffy

Silence Friction (Darvastó, Hungary, 2000)

FOTOSPHERE Gallery is pleased to announce the first U.S. solo exhibition of György Beck "Silence Friction". Beck's images are poetic European landscapes; they are tranquil and like a vanishing dream. These serene landscapes are juxtaposed with moving and unsettling energy. The landscapes appear humanless, yet one can still see human traces.

Each print gives unique irregularities created by brush strokes on thin aluminum, while the texture of the metal shimmers through parts of the image. Each print is one of a kind and there is only one edition per image.

The exhibition presents seventeen images painstakingly printed with hand-coated silver prints on thin aluminum sheet in sizes ranging from 6x12 to 20x28 inches. These images are created with Becks Holga, Pinhole and 35mm camera.

One of Beck's images titled "Blow-up" (1986, park in Budapest), captures the moment of right before an autumn sunrise when everybody else is still asleep. In the faintly light of the cold morning, an eerie tree is standing solitarily on a desolate hill. The shadow of the tree on the grass may be from the moonlight, or perhaps from the early sunlight. There is no wind, as if time were standing still.

György Beck was born in Budapest in 1963. He took an interest in photography as a teenager. He graduated from the Theatre and Film Academy in Budapest with a degree in Cinematography. In the 1990s  he studied in the U.S. where he continues to work and give workshops. His photographs have been exhibited throughout Europe such as Ernst Museum, Dorottya Gallery in Budapest and Cultural and Congress Center in Slovenia as well as acquired in private permanent collections.

Fotosphere Gallery Press Release

XX, Bench, Sidewalk, New York City
(New York 1996)

Opening Reception
September 14, 2006

Artist Talk
September 16, 2006


Tabán (Budapest 2000)

Sylvia (Lake Balaton, Hungary 2002)