February 7 - March 27, 2005 - Kávéház Gallery, 37 West 26th Street


An Exhibition by Hungarian Photographer

George Konkoly-Thege

Photos: George Konkoly-Thege and Gabriella Győrffy

Delhi, part of the Jantar Mantar, a kind of an observatory, built in 1725

Crowd near Agra, India

This beautiful young girl was at the school of the Thai mission in Bodhgaya,
the place where according to the legend, Buddha enlightened

Sikh man had his holly bath at a temple in Delhi

The "Man in green" was a beggar in Old Delhi

The flags are in Dharamsala near the Indian residence of the Dalai Lama

Sadhu in Kathmandu, Nepal
"I always include this photo in my exhibitions about India"

Dance festival in Konark

Behind the text of the flag you can see the shadow of a Buddhist stupa

In the Thar desert they were preparing for the visit of Mrs. Sonja Gandhi


I was born in Pécs , Hungary on the 11th of June 1957. I have traveled a great deal around the Asian continent, but I have highly enjoyed nearly all 80 countries which I had visited. As I love India, my first important exhibition was about this beautiful country at the Museum of Ethnography (Budapest) in 1997. Since that time I visited India several more times which will be seen through this exhibition. A few photos are from my 'original' collection.

With Ilona Törley, one of the sponsors of the exhibition

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