Zoltán "MUCIUS" Sebestyén
from Hungary

Photos: Győrffy Gabriella

Zoltan Sebestyen's art is dedicated to the world of pure colors, symbolism and the multi-complexity of the human mind. He says, "What my canvas brings to reality is the soul, the thoughts and the eternity of desires. My red is able to express a tale of words richer than any kind of poetry. In this dimension there is no reality, because it has never been, yet there is a true realization of oppressed sexuality, feverish yearning towards something that is always far, always out of reach, a vision without existence. I paint all that may not be possible; it is mystical, Christian, godly and forever human. Then it is my audience who sees, feels and takes it into their own world of fantasy. It is even possible to take these visions onto the path of mortality or that of non-existence." Sebestyen has worked as a visual artist, an actor, and a writer. Currently he operates an art gallery. He was born 50 years ago in Hungary, where he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts as well as the Academy of Dramatic and Cinematic Art.

Zoltán "Mucius" Sebestyén


"Mit jelent ez a sok piros... Az embereknek, bárhol vannak a világon, már csak két dolog van amit használni tudnak, a gyűlölet és a szerelem. A gyűlölet zsákutca, bár sokan szeretik alkalmazni. S marad a szerelem, ami rengeteg formájában tud megnyilvánulni és ezek a képek erről szólnak. A szerelem tömény érzéséről, a folytonos, állandó szerelem létéről.  A piros a szerelem, az erotika képzeletbeli hordozója."   Mucius


Zoltán "Mucius" Sebestyén with his Manager Alexandra Léránt


Alexandra Léránt Zoltán "Mucius" Sebestyén
 and Angela Di Bello, Director, Agora Gallery


Alexandra Léránt Zoltán "Mucius" Sebestyén and Angela Di Bello

Mucius and Léránt with Dr. András Márton,
Director of the Hungarian Cultural Center, NY

Fatmir Gjevukaj painter with wife, Ariana Myftari, praised
Mucius' art with great enthusiasm

Andrea Kostyál painter, her husband and manager Alen Hajnal
from Connecticut with Andrea
Behinya and Tamás Kiss from Hungary

Agora Gallery, SoHo, NYC

Dr. András Márton and Angela Di Bello

Alexandra Léránt and János Ferke

Andrea Behiny, Tamás Kiss, György Kuik, Alen Hajnal, Andrea Kostyál,
Dr. András Márton, Zoltán "Mucius" Sebestyén, Alexandra Léránt and JánosFerke

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