April 24-28, 2003 - Bluesky Gallery, NYC

Andrea Kostyal
is among the artists at this group showcase of NYC's
hottest, emerging designers, artists and photographers.
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Photos: Alen Hajnal






Artist Statement
I paint expressive color abstract geometric forms along the lines of my interest in textiles. My favorite materials in collage technique are colored paper, pieces of wood and plastic glued onto the canvas. My fascination with nature is exposed in vivid primary colors that I choose. Emotion, integrity, honesty and power of expression are my keywords. As much as I enjoy careful planning and artificial forms, I consider my paintings as expositions of my feelings and moods. I am strongly convinced that art is not just any activity - it is the most important expression of sincere purity of body, soul and mind. One should look at child drawings and paintings as the most pregnant examples of art - their beauty lacks control and is filled with true desire foe expression. In my art I try to combine and reconcile strivings of the body and aspirations of the mind. This clash is the birthplace of abstract expressionism.
My abstract pieces are inspired by urban landscapes. Their vibrant and cruel beauty evokes and preserves nature's own power through a fractured structure. Collage technique aids my explorations of the different aspects of the struggle between natural and artificial. The juxtaposition and multiplication of layers reflects the complexity of these antagonistic processes and guides the viewer's attention towards building a visual map of a constantly changing environment.


May 9, Friday, 6:00-9:00 PM
21 Bleecker St. (No Ho), NYC


Andrea Kostyal is among the artists at this
group art show
featuring an eclectic mix of styles and mediums.
Free to the public.