January 19, 2006 - Consulate General of Hungary, New York

Hosted by the Consulate General of the Republic of Hungary
and the Hungarian Technology Center (HTEC)


Presentations and Q&A by

Gabor Tatai, President of AITIA International
Vilmos Vaspal, President and
Donat Vass, Director of International Sales of FreeSoft Inc.

Photos: dr. Zsuzsanna József and Gabriella Gyorffy

Welcome remarks by Dr. Zsolt Morován,
Consul of the Republic of Hungary

István Földesi, Director of Hungarian Technology Center (HTEC)

Presentation by Gábor Tatai President of AITIA International and...

...Donát Vass, International Sales Director of FreeSoft Inc.

Presentations were followed by Q&A:

Moderator: István Földesi, Director of HTEC


Vilmos Vaspál, President and Donát Vass, International Sales Director of FreeSoft Inc.

Gábor Tatai, President of AITIA International

Hungarian IT Day

New York – The Consulate General of the Republic of Hungary and the Hungarian Technology Center (HTEC) hosted a Hungarian IT Day at the Consulate on January 19th, 2006. HTEC, founded by the Hungarian Ministry of Informatics and Telecommunications, introduced two companies - noted among the most successful in Hungary - to the circle of New York IT professionals, venture capitalists and journalists as well as the world renowned expert on the field of Artificial Intelligence, Rutgers University Professor Miklos Vasarhelyi.

To mark this very special occasion the participants were joined by Gabor Tatai, President of AITIA International and Vilmos Vaspal, President of Freesoft International, the first Hungarian IT companies established with the help of HTEC in the USA.

Both companies can report noticable international success. In its first year U.S. market presence, FreeSoft International closed some very impressive deals, AITIA International has won a large number of European IT prizes.

As Consul General Mr. Gabor Horvath noted,  the growing interest in the Hungarian companies with already established U.S.-presence is a good indicator of the worldwide competitive power of the Hungarian IT sector.

Managing director of HTEC, Mr. Istvan Foldesi, talked about the event as an initiative to create traditions, and will in the future also include events in various US cities that are key players in the IT sector.

According to Foldesi, the main objective of the event is the introduction and reinforcement of Hungary’s position in the IT Industry, more specifically the creation of market opportunities for the previously introduced companies.

HTEC: www.htec.hu
FreeSoft, Inc.
AITIA International, Inc.
www.aitiainternational.com, www.aitia.hu

HTEC Press Release

Discussions continued during the following luncheon:

István Földesi and Professor Miklos Vasarhelyi, publisher of  thirteen
books and over 80 articles including expert systems, the Internet,
e-commerce, intelligent agents and accounting systems

Tam Kadafa, Founder & CEO, Aaron Schlesinger CTO of
Technology Corporation, and Donát Vass

Anikó Polgár of ITDS, one of the organizers and Joseph Ghetie, TCOM & NET,
Network and Systems Engineer, Consultant for Telcordia Technologies

István Földesi, Carole Lynn Steiner, President of
Carole Lynn Steiner & Co., and Donát Vass

Andrew Gonczi and Deputy Consul General Gábor Földvári

István Földesi and Blaise Pasztory, Attorney at Law

László Laskai, Vilmos Vaspál, István Becze, Attila Kiss and Gábor Krivaczky