March 25, 2004. - Hungarian Consulate General, NY

Briefing and Reception introducing

A Documentary Film Project Commemorating the
50th Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution

Producer: Klaudia Kovács

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Photos: Gabriella Gyorffy

Klaudia Kovács, the ambitious, committed, young producer of
"Torn from the Flag" was introduced by Dr. Gábor Horváth, Consul General, NY. The Consulate General of NY, the Permanent Mission to the UN and the Hungarian Cultural Center, NY support the project.

Musical interlude
Krisztina Kiss playing Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2


Klaudia Kovács reviewed the development of the feature length
documentary film project “Torn from the Flag” about the
Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and its international effects.

“Torn from the Flag” will be a part of the 2006 worldwide celebration marking the 50th anniversary of the historic Hungarian uprising. This celebration series will offer a wonderful opportunity for the Hungarian nation and culture to be recognized on all continents.

Ms. Kovács emphasized that she herself and her generation was taught that the uprising of 1956 was a “counter-revolution.”

I feel obligated to present the truth and I feel obligated to pay homage to the heroes - she said and recalled that 1956 Time Magazine Man of the Year was the Hungarian Freedom Fighter.

Influential individuals expressed  interest their participation in the film. Robert Redford, who was studying in Vienna in 1956, previously acknowledged that the Hungarian Revolution was an inspiration to become active member of the American Society. His high profile interview by itself could be an extremely important factor implying attention to this film by a global audience.

Oscar-winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond has furnished with the letter of interest to work on Torn from the Flag. The International Cinematographers Guild named Mr. Zsigmond the ten most influential cinematographers in the history of film making.

Dr. Balázs Somogyi, president of the Hungarian Cultural Society of CT
expressed his enthusiasm for the project and presented
the contribution of a number of Connecticut organizations

...with Zsuzsa Lengyel, president and dr. Gyula Egervari, founder
and first president of Hungarian Studies of America, Fairfield
were discussing the importance of the project Torn from the Flag

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about tax-deductible contributions at: / CURRENT PROJECT

dr. Tanka László riportja Kovács Klaudiával - magyarul,
American Hungarian Panorama

The Insanity of Mary Girard with Ms. Kovács in the title role