December 11, 2003 - Hungarian Consulate General, NY


Photos: Krisztina Vagreti

Greetings and introduction by Dr. Gábor Horváth,
Ambassador, Consul General of Hungary

Roberto McCausland-Dieppa's Christmas Concert at the Consulate was the kickoff performance for his upcoming 14-country tour, including Hungary. He will be a performer of the Budapest Spring Festival - Chambers evenings on March 24, 2004


Claude Debussy: Tres calme et document expressif

Franz Liszt: Liebesträume

Franz Liszt: Sonata in B Minor

Enrique Granados: Quejas ň la Maja uy el Ruiseńor

Roberto McCausland-Dieppa is a compelling pianist, praised for his brilliant keyboard mastery combined with an intense musical sensitivity. He has made many successful appearances throughout the United States, Latin America, Europe, India and Australia as a soloist and collaborative pianist, performing with conductors such as Jamie Leon, Ottavio Grieffenstein and Eudardo Mata.

McCausland-Dieppa prefers to explore in his recitals the repertoire of Liszt, Chopin, Beethoven, and Rachmaninoff, interpreting the music with his uniquely dramatic style.

Since 1994 he has released three compact discs entitled Liszt and More, Romantic Artistry of Liszt and Ravel and Beethoven for Kids and Teens. His newest recordings featuring the complete set of Mozart sonatas and Ibero-American four-hand pieces are due to be released in the spring, 2004.

Mr. McCausland-Dieppa is a Baldwin Artist, receives funding from the Ohio Arts Counil (sponsored by the National Endowment of Arts) and has been the recipient of the Cleveland Foundation / Mesa Espagnola concert grant award, The Alice B. Warden Prize in Piano, Distinguished Alumni from KCP schools and the Beaux Arts Prize in Piano. In 2002 he was the recipient of the 'Merrill Lynch Prize in Piano' for outstanding performance and teaching.

During this year's musical season Mr. McCausland-Dieppa 's performances will include the Budapest Spring Festival and programs in London, Brussels, Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, Bern, Vienna, Madrid, Lisbon, Rome, Buenos Aires and Bogota.

Mr. McCausland-Dieppa  has a Dmus-Phd. in Liszt studies. Among the artists he has studied are J. Cary Lewis and Barry Schneider. He attended the Edwin Gerschefski master classes and in Europe the Fischer master class series."     Source: Hungarian Consulate General, NY

The concert was followed by a reception

Janos Aranyi

Klári Égei with Attila Kiss and Nóra Batternay

The Christmas Concert was hosted by
Gabriella Lonkai Horváth and Gábor Horváth

Gábor Horváth with Klári Égei and Krisztina Vágréti, photographer

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