May 8, 2010 - Hungarian Cultural Center, New York


A documentary about Miklós Radnóti

Directed and Produced by Hugo Perez

Executive Produced by Greg Carr and Noble Smith

Narrated by Patricia Clarkson


Photos: Gabriella Gyorffy

When the Hungarian poet Miklós Radnóti was executed and buried in a mass grave in 1944 after a two-month death march, he did not know whether his poems would survive. Eighteen months later, when his body was exhumed, a notebook was found in his coat pocket that contained his final poems. Neither Memory Nor Magic tells the story of a man who believed in the life of his poems even when he knew that he himself would not survive.

Hugo Perez was present to discuss the project after the screening.

First official screening of the completed film at the prestigious:
Full Frame Documentary Festival, Durham, NC, April 3-6, 2008.

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Producer and director: Hugo Perez


"What first struck me about Miklos Radnoti’s work is that he continued to write poetry under dark, humiliating, and ultimately fatal circumstances. In a labor camp in Serbia, after a full day of backbreaking slave labor, he would manage somehow to find the energy to work on a few lines of poetry. During a three month long forced march when people beside him were dying of exhaustion and being shot to death, he somehow managed to focus on finding words that bore witness to his experience...

...The other remarkable thing to me about the work of Radnoti was how scarily contemporary it felt despite having been written in 1944 during the Holocaust...

...As much as Radnoti seems to say with his poem that if you do nothing else open your eyes and really look at the world around you... "

Source: M30A Films, read further >>>

"I will not look back now, for neither memory nor
 magic will protect me from these omens in the sky."

- Miklós Radnóti

The "sneak preview" of his still in progress, full frame documentary
Neither Memory Nor Magic Hugo Perez
answered questions
and listened to suggestions, remarks

Prof. Karl Bardosh co-producer/writer talked about his work, created 20 years ago,
Forced March,
a remarkable feature film about life and death of Miklós Radnóti

Karl Bardosh and Hugo Perez producers, directors,
captured the tragic fate of Miklós Radnóti
on feature and full frame documentary film respectively

Nora Szilagyi editor, Hugo Perez producer, director and
Chuck Moss cinematographer