November 1, 2003. - Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC

Supported by the Hungarian Cultural Center, NY

from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Eastern European Folklore Spectacular

Photos: Kalman Magyar

Preparations for a colorful, dynamic folklore spectacular

The Duquesne University Tamburitzans is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating
the cultural heritages of Eastern Europe and its neighbors through performance, while awarding scholarships to talented and deserving student performers.
The group presents a new production each year. During the two-hour program, the ensemble encapsulates the joys of life and the beauty of
the cultures which it artistically represents.
Wherever the Tamburitzans perform, their stage becomes a kaleidoscope of sight and sound. Songs are sung in many languages and dialects.
Footwork is articulated in hundreds of styles. Folk instruments such as the bandura, tambura, gadulka, and cimbalom are plucked, picked, bowed and hammered.

Costuming alone is a great reason to see a Tamburitzans show. During the course of a single performance, over 400 original and authentically reproduced costumes are worn by the performers. Each costume design is meticulously researched for authenticity, then created for the stage. The result is a carousel of style and color from the first note to the final stomp.

Paul Stafura, the director of the Ensemble with his friend from South America and Stephen Kotanski, an old time supporter of the Tammies and an expert choreographer attended the show

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