May 1, 2004 - Waldorf=Astoria, NYC

Produced by Lapont International-USA, Inc.
Ms. Catherine Alapont, President


Followed by "Europe on the Move"
After-Hour Party for Young Professionals
Co-Hosted by the Manhattan Hungarian Network

Celebrating the Historic Expansion of the European Union


Photos: Gabriella Gyorffy

Grand Opening Ceremony - Representation of the Olympic flame

Performance by Ms. Irene Aindili and Ms. Hara Karayami, Sydney 2000 Olympic Medalists featuring Spectacular Rhytmic Gymnastic to the music of "Never on Sunday" and "Zorba the Greek"

EU and American Anthems - Ms. Sylvia Tosun singer and composer

Due to her dedicated and extensive volunteer work, The United Service Organization appointed Tosun Miss USO, as well as an Ambassador of Goodwill for an unprecedented two-year term.

She has close connections to Hungary too, through her Hungarian boyfriend Miklos Malek, son of well-known composer and singer, Miklos Malek and Maria Toldy. Ms. Tosun is studying Hungarian and has visited Hungary several times.

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Welcoming remarks by H.E. Ambassador John B. Richardson
Head of the Delegation of the European Commission to the United Nations

"This, the biggest and most complex enlargement in EU history, is also a great commitment for the future, for a Europe of peace and stability, for a Europe of equal opportunities, for a Europe of innovation, for a Europe strong in its diversity, with living traditions and cultures, for a Europe reliable to its allies and trading partners, representing hope and assistance for other, less fortunate nations."

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Greetings by:

Dr. Gábor Horváth Ambassador, Consul General of the
Hungarian Republic, Grand Europe Ball Dinner Co-Chair

"Today, on May 1, 2004, history is being written, as Hungary and nine other countries have joined the European Union.

This is a milestone of historic significance for Hungary. New opportunities are opening for progress. Not only we are entering into an economic integration with the developed market economies in Europe's West, our accession also exemplifies the commonality of shared values and aspirations.

This is also a milestone of historic significance for the European Union and for the United States too."

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Mr. George Lang restaurateur, writer and
Grand Europe Ball Dinner Co-Chair

Gloria Starr Kins, Chair, Media Division, OCCAM - Milan, Italy and
Grand Europe Ball Dinner Co-Chair

Master of Ceremonies - Mr. Charles Kipps writer/producer

Mr. Mark Jaffe, President, Greater New York Chamber of Commerce,
Grand Europe Ball Dinner Co-Chair

Presentation to Honorees:
Presented by Mr. Mark Jaffe and Mr. Eric K. Williams

Dr. Joseph V. Scelsa, Ed.D. founding president,
Italian American Museum (right)...

...and Ms. Catherine Alapont, President Lapont International-USA, Inc. Founder and Producer of The Grand Europe Ball

"The 12th Grand Europe Ball, an international event for a decade, moved to New York this year in honor of all of the people and our shared history.

This unique new initiative is to become a regular New York event in the years to come, created to bring together leaders in the diplomatic, business and cultural communities. This metropolis is a cultural crossroads that has long embraced and benefited from European influences."

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Ambassadors and Consul Generals

Interlude of Kalman and Lehar Operettas:

Ildikó Iván, soprano of the Hungarian State Opera

József Csák, tenor of the Hungarian State Opera

H.E. Ambassador John B. Richardson and Dr. Gábor Horváth

Ms. Elizabeth Vilmik (center), Gala Committee Chair, Young Professionals Committee Chair with Ms. Erzsebet Karkus and
Ms. Vivian Soren, Manhattan Hungarian Network Directors

"The addition of ten new member states to the European Union today is a heartening and historic event for Europeans. While all residents will benefit from the expanded Union, it is young professionals who stand to gain most from the promise of this moment.

As a young professional of European descent, I have been both honored and thrilled to chair the Young Professionals Committee and the Gala Committee of the Grand Europe Ball. It is a pleasure to host the After-Hour Party for Young Professionals as well."

Read more of Ms. Vilmik's message >>>

Mr. József Csák, Ms. Gabriella Lonkai Horváth, Gábor Horváth,
Ildikó Iván and Gábor Görgey


Mr. Emery Seller, Mr. Louis Allen, Ms. Mimi Mautner and Ms. Carol Roth

Ms. Marian Olah, Mr. Bene Kálmán Bertalan and Ms. Judit Járai,
Washington Correspondent of Hungarian Radio, Budapest

Ildikó Iván and József Csák

Dr. Gábor Horváth, Ms. Eva Csaky-Bornemissza and Mr. Albert Royaars

Ms. Livia Sylva, Dr. Miklos Toth and Mrs. Elena Toth

Mr. George Lang and Mrs. Jennifer Lang

Mrs. Barbara Bollok and Mr. Ferenc Bollok

Mrs. Agnes and Mr. Louis Allen

Ms. Marian Olah, winner of two Finnair round trip tickets
from New York to Finland

Ms. Erzseber Karkus, Ms. Elizabeth Vilmik,
Ms. Gloria Starr Kins and Ms. Vivian Soren

Dr. Gheorghe Dimitrescu, Consul General of Romania and Mrs. Dimitrescu

Anna Bergman songstress and Patricia Neal, Academy Award
winning actress, also winner of two business class round trip
tickets from New York to Budapest on MALEV Hungarian Airlines

Mrs. Robin Rudnitsky, Dr. Carmen Schuller and Mrs. Simona Casalberti,
avid supporters of the European Union and savvy travelers
associated with Black Tie International Magazine

Ms. Brenda Kravitz and Mr. Ivan Serchuk

Ms. Victoria Martinez, Mr. Ruperto Cabrera painter and Mrs. Cabrera

Ms. Sylvia Tosun and Ms. Catherine Alapont

Music by the Alex Donner Orchestra

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