March 10-11, 2004. - Lincoln Center, Walter Reade Theater, NYC


presented by

Film Society of Lincoln Center in collaboration with the
Consulate General of the Republic of Hungary and with
Bunyik Entertainment

Reception at the Hungarian Consulate General, NY,
Honoring the Creators of Bánk bán Opera-on-Film

Photos: Frank Deak and Gabriella Győrffy

Special thanks to Béla Bunyik, Bunyik Entertainment for the images from Bánk bán

Atilla Kiss B. - Bánk Bán

Andrea Rost - Melinda

Great news: March 15, 2004 - Andrea Rost received the Kossuth Prize

Eva Marton - Queen Gertrud

Andrea Rost and Sándor Sólyom-Nagy - Petur bán

Eva Marton and Atilla Kiss B.

Atilla B. Kiss

Andrea Rost - Melinda
Eva Marton - Queen Gertrud
Atilla Kiss B. - Bánk Bán
Dénes Gulyás - Otto
Kolos Kováts - II. Endre
Sándor Sólyom-Nagy - Petur bán
Attila Réti - Biberach
Lajos Miller - Tiborc

Music: Ferenc Erkel
Libretto: Béni Egressy
Original play: József Katona
Script: Gábor Mészöly
Conductor: Tamás Pál
Visual Solutions: Attial Csikós
Costume Designer: Rita Velich
Producer: András Wermer
Distributor: Bunyik Entertainment

Director of Photography: Vilmos Zsigmond A.S.C.
Director: Csaba Káel

An internationally acclaimed screen adaptation of a classic opera by Ferenc Erkel, Bánk bán tells a story of political and moral power struggles in medieval Hungary. The year is 1213: while King Endre II is waging war abroad, his foreign-born queen, Gertrud, has seized power and is using her influence to benefit her own people. As conspiracies against the Queen begin to be organized, the King’s personal deputy, Bánk Bán, tours the countryside and discovers the ruin into which the land has fallen. Meanwhile, Bánk Bán hardly suspects that his faithful wife, Melinda, has become the object of the lecherous desires of Otto, the Queen’s brother… A magnificently mounted spectacle, sumptuously photographed by Zsigmond, Bánk bán features Eva Marton as Gertrud, Andrea Rost as Melinda, and Atilla Kiss B. in the title role.

Source: Film Society of Lincoln Center

Reception at the Hungarian Consulate General, NY,
Honoring the Creators of B
ánk bán Opera-on-Film

Dr. Gábor Horváth - Consul General NY, Csaba Káel - director,
András Wermer - Producer, Vilmos Zsigmond - Director of Photography,
and Béla Bunyik - Distributor

Csaba Káel Director

Bánk bán, Csaba Káel's first feature film is a true,
magnificant adaptation of our national treasure

Vilmos Zsigmond Director of Photography

Oscar-winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond returned to his homeland to shoot his first feature film in Hungary...

...and magic happened. I have never seen as beautifully "painted" scenes as the result of Mr. Zsigmond's exquisite cinematography, passionate and impressive use of natural, candle and torch light, dramatic effect of his ever moving camera work...

...Erkel's music, wonderful-wonderful voices, great directing, picturesque locations and costumes: an unforgettable experience. Thank you! (G.Gy.)

András Wermer Producer

Béla Bunyik Distributor

Greetings and introduction by Dr. Gábor Horváth, Consul General, NY

Vilmos Zsigmond and Csaba Káel

Elizabeth Rose Daily, New York City Council and Csaba Káel

Zsigmond Vilmos and André de Székely, ABC TV

Angel Carro Castrilla, Deputy EU Ambassador to the UN and Thomas Nonn, painter

Janos Aranyi and Mrs. Káel

Katie Livingston Vorgan, Angel Carro Castrillo,
Dr. Gábor Horváth and Vilmos Zsigmond

Mr. Zsigmond kindly posed for these shots to preserve
moments of meeting with his Hungarian fans:

Vilmos Zsigmond with Dr. Gábor Horváth and Andras Komaromi, MHN...

...with Elizabeth Karkus and Vivian Soren, MHN...

...with Anikó and Péter Sárközy, Deputy Consul General...

...with Béla Bunyik, Mariann Orencsák, consul and Michael Szarvasy...

...and with chef Nándor Bereczky and Dr. Gábor Horváth

Interviewed by Gabriella Szilágyi, DUNA TV

Csaba Káel and Vilmos Zsigmond

The New York Premičre of Ferenc Erkel's Bánk bán
at Lincoln Center, Walter Reade Theater, NYC

Vilmos Zsigmond during an interview by Hungarian TV Magazine Extra

Dr. Gábor Horváth, Béla Bunyik, Vilmos Zsigmond, Mrs. Káel, Csaba Káel and András Wermer